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About Us
We will pay you Bloc.Money (BLOC) for simple tasks like signing in to the site daily, Referring other members, and more. Your money is paid out to your Bloc.Money (BLOC) wallet with no minimum balance needed. (Get a Wallet)

What is Bloc.Money?
Bloc.Money (BLOC) is a Cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero but is quite new so the value is still low but we believe the price increases. So you can decided to HOLD and hopefully the price increases or exchange to other coins or sell to bank (Guide here)

Why Bloc.Money?
Bloc.Money (BLOC) is currently undervalued and the value could increase quickly if you decide to hold.
It is very cheap to send a transaction, fixed fee of just 0.0001 BLOC per transaction.
Very easy and accessible wallet apps. (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Apple)
An online dashboard for convenience
Easy to Buy and Sell to Bitcoin using an Exchange
Can be changed in to USD/EUR/GBP (Guide here)

Other Information

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